Menu Bistro

Starters, Salads and Tapas

Pastas and rice

Iberian Ham
19,80 €
Vegetable lasagne
11,80 €
Served with tomato toasties A variety of vegetables, bechamel, tomato sauce and gratted Parmesan cheese
Caprese salad
10,20 €
Spaguetti bolognese
10,90 €
Tomato, mozzarella, basil oil and fresh basil (Beef bolognese with oregano and cheese)
Avocado and prawn salad
12,80 €
Spaguetti with chicken, mushrooms and thyme
11,50 €
Seasoned loettuces, citric vinaigrette (Noodles, prawns, garlic, chilli, tomato and coriander)
Cesar salad
10,80 €
Mixed paella (min 2 pax) p.p.
16,80 €
With chicken, croutons and parmesan cheese (pork, chicken, rabbit, cuttlefish, vegetables and shellfish
Goat cheese salad
11,20 €
Seasoned lettuces, nuts and reaspberry vinaigrette  Black paella with cuttlefish (min 2 pax) p.p.  17.80 €
Homemade gazpacho
5,20 €
 Cuttlefish stir fried, peas, squid ink and shell fisn
Cold tomato soup with croutons

Meat and Fish

Fried Cuttlefish
11,80 €
In butter served with salad
Beef milanese
10,40 €
Spanish omelette
7,90 €
(Beef steak in bread crumbs served with salad and fries)
potatoes, onion, egg, olive oil, served with salad
Charcoal grilled beef entrecôte
13,80 €
Homemade croquettes
8,90 €
(National entrecôte with frenc fries and roasted peppers)
Fish of the day
14,50 €
Garlic praws
11,80 €
(served with homemade french fries and tartar sauce)
with chilli pepper, garlic and olive oil
“Sailor´s Grill”
18,50 €
Vegetable tempura with soya mayonnaise
10,00 €
(Grilled fresh seasonal fish, mussels and red prawns)
Temporized vegetable with soya mayonnaise
Fried king prawns
13,70 €


Battered in panko, kimuchi sauce, soya mayo and chili Sam´s sauce
Soft shell crab
17,30 €
Yasai futomaki devil
13,20 €
Fried crab with vanilla salmorejo (8 hot vegetables roll in tempura)
Mussels in white wine
10,90 €
Uromaki ebi
€ 13,20
Garlic, leek, carrot and white wine (8 shrimp, crab, mango and tobiko rolls)
Small green salad
3,50 €
(Side dish)
Homemade french fries
2,50 €

Bread rolls, Sandwiches and Hamburguers

(side dish)
4,80 €
Small beefburguer
10,40 €
You can choose: cheese, ham or Tuna or mixed (150 g. minced beef, onion, lettuce, tomate and potato wedges)
Pa amb Oli
8,20 €
with ham, cheese or mixed with pickles
Sandwich club La Terraza
12,50 €
(chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and French fries)

Desserts and Ice Creams

Homemade beefburguer
9,80 €
160 gr. of minced beef, onion, lettuce, served with french fries
Apple pie
Tepid, with crumble and vanilla ice-cream
4,90 €
Sorbetes and Ice cream (price per scoop)
2,00 €
(Choose: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pineapple, lemon, mandarin,……)
Fresh pineapple
4,50 €
(Cut in dices with pineapple sorbet)
Chocolate Coulant
5,80 €
(liquid chocolate sponge cake with apricot ice-cream)

Menu Restaurant

Ours Starters

Our main courses

Cesar salad
12,20 €
Aubergine and mozzarella terrine with tomato and basil
18,80 €
(Assorted lettuce, fried bread croutons, nuts, chicken, iberian ham, parmesan vinaigrette)
Fish & shellfish tepid salad
17,40 €
Saint Peter fish  with a variety of tubers and “trampo” hot vinaigrette
27,80 €
(With a vinaigrette made with oranges and mustard)
Seabass Carpaccio
16,50 €
Red mullet, pumpkin and saffron bouillabaisse, vegetable ragout and citric alioli
26,70 €
(Tomato, lime and mango tartar with balsamic vinegar)
Red tuna tartar
15,20 €
Line-caught hake, mashed potatoes, Iberian emulsion, slightly fried tomato and young garlic
24,60 €
(Mango, cheese cream and cucumber)
Iberian Ham
19,80 €
Baked cod in its stew, spinach´s and tender broad beans
25,80 €
(D. O. Guijuelo, with roasted bread, olive oil and tomato)
Duck Foie
16,40 €
“Bogavante” lobster paella (min 2 per) p.p.
27,00 €
(Caramelized with rhubarb, muscateññ jelly and homemade brioche)
11,80 €
 Confided Mallorcan piglet, escalivada pumpkin puree, semi-dried tomato and green asparagus
26,00 €
(Cod, carrot and almond romesco sauce)
Vegetable Tempura
11,50 €
Beef sirloin, creamed potatoes, aubergine caviar and red wine sauce
27,80 €
(In large pieces With a garlic and saffron emulsion)
Fried Schrimp
12,60 €
(In  filo pastry, Mahón cheese, ham and a sweet & sour tomato sauce)
Grilled Octopus
16,50 €
(On a coal grill with olive tapenade and light fried vegetables)
16,80 €
Variegated scallop
16,80 €
(Pork, chicken, king prawns, cockles, mussels and vegetables)
(Seasoned with black truffle, ginger and raspberry marinade)
Black rice
15,60 €
18,20 €
(With cuttlefish from the bay steewed in its own ink, , peas and garlic sprouts)
(Roasted with cuscus, cherry jelly, Forum vinegar and vanilla oil))
Rice casserole with fish and seafood
23,50 €
18,50 €
(Cuttlefish, cockles, mussels, king prawns, razor clams and fish)
(As a typical Galician stew)
15,30 €

From the sea, Fresh and by weight

(In a cacerole with lemon, garlic and chives)
Razor clams
14,20 €
Mallorcan  Lobster
94,00 €/Kg.
(Grilled with Mallorca oil, wakame seaweed and lime)
Galician Bogavante Lobster
70,00 €/Kg.
Mallorcan Prawns
34,50 €
John Dory
57,00 €/Kg.
 250gr) (Grilled with salt from Guérande)
48,00 €/Kg.
Mallorca Red Scorpion fish
68,00 €/Kg.